Delicate Depraved Plans Signed Paperback


Everything can change in a single moment… With a conversation. With an accident.

Months of being torn between Duke and Knight; being loved and being hated; and I thought we finally caught a break. I knew that the three of us could heal and be happy again. I had a second of glittering hope.

But I should have known better. Hope is a backstabbing bitch.

Life comes crashing down around us and it’s on me to stop it before it’s too late. My dreams of escaping and going away to college are nothing but distant thoughts now. I have more important things to worry about.

I have to find a way to fight back without risking my life. I need to rescue Duke and Knight; knowing that their every breath depends on my compliance. And I won’t rest until I’ve dragged my father down to the depths of hell where he belongs.

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to secure a safe future for the people I love; even if it means losing myself in the process.

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