Play the Part


He emerged from the shadows one night; looking like sin and dark desire embodied. Tall; muscular; and with that haunting mask… How can a girl resist?

I told myself I’d have one night to explore the monster within me and let him feed those passions until we both erupted. But it turns out; walking away was never his plan.

Maybe it’s wrong of me; but after drowning in pain for so long; losing myself in a masked man night after night seems like just what I need. Why not; right?

Distraction has never been so delicious. As long as I keep my heart out of it; I’ll be fine. Which shouldn’t be hard; considering I have no idea who the man behind the mask is.


We were ripped apart at fifteen; before we could truly push the boundaries of our friendship and explore the growing feelings between us. But I never forgot about her. My little Button. In my lowest moments, it was her face; her laughter that kept me strong.

I need her to sate the darkness in me; to coax back the person I used to be; so I can give her what she’s missing without corrupting her with my tainted soul. And I won’t give up. I won’t lose her a second time.

Maybe I’ve become a bit obsessed; but now that I’ve found her again after years of searching; I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her. Even if that means putting on a mask and playing out her dirtiest desires.

Trigger Warnings

Violence; blood; murder; mentions of past kidnapping and torture; explicit sexual situations; breath play; knife play; and mentions of a past abusive relationship.

This is a dark romance with topics that may be uncomfortable for some readers. If you like your romance sweet; your men to play the hero; and your women to be soft; demure creatures; then you’ve wound up in the wrong place.

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