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Second Chance
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Charming Cruel Boys

Lies & Secrets; #1

My goal for senior year of high school was easy. Ace all of my classes: keep my head down; and skip town the second I got a chance. I wanted to escape to some college across the country. Away from my hateful father and far away from the boy who broke my heart.

When my dad drags me to dinner one night and announces his surprise engagement; all of those hopes go up in flames.

Looks like my ex-boyfriend and his twin are about to become my stepbrothers.

Suddenly; my life is filled with disarming smiles; cutting words; and a whole lot of tension.

But there’s a secret that threatens to undo us all. A secret that someone killed to keep quiet.

I don’t think I’ll survive until graduation.

Trigger Warnings

Descriptive sexual scenes; group sexual scenes; physical abuse; sexual assault; attempted rape; violence; mentions of murder; forced drug use; abuse and neglect from a parent; and strong language throughout.

​Part one of a duet. Ends in a cliffhanger.

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